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    Understanding the Racing Rules of Sailing - By Dave Perry
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    100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes 2017-2020 - By Dave Perry
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    North U Racing Tactics Book - By Bill Gladstone
    To win races, you have to be smart!

    North U Tactics USB - By Bill Gladstone
    The Tactics USB with Video and exclusive Wind Shift Simulators and Tactical Situation Maker!

    North U Trim USB - By Bill Gladstone
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    Skippers: $125              $135                          $135
    Crew:  $95                    $105                          $115
    Jr/Students: $50           $  60                           $  70
    Lunches: $10 ea

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    Event Information:
    Title:Montreal, QC
    Date:04/23/2017 9:00:00 AM
    Summary:This event has been cancelled.
    Details:Instructor: Geoff Moore

    Royal St. Lawrence YC
    1350 Lakeshore Drive
    Dorval, Québec H9S 2E3

    Check in: 8:30 am   Class: 9:00-4:30


    Pricing for this location includes Lunch.

    Material is the same for Skippers, Crew & Jrs.

    Members - $115 +GST +PST = 132.23 CDN
    Skippers - $135 +GST +PST = 155.22 CDN
    Additional Crew -
    $115 +GST +PST = 132.23 CDN
    Jrs / Students - $70 +GST +PST = 80.49 CDN

    Registration Ends:04/16/2017 8:00:00 PM

    This event is no longer accepting registrations.